Why I'm Leaving Pennsylvania for California

Why I'm Leaving Pennsylvania for California

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Hola! I don’t know about you – But I couldn’t be more excited for summer. Outdoor grilling, patio chilling, and vacation getaways. Does it get any better than that? Every summer I plan a trip outside my hometown, and usually outside my state, and this year I’m headed back to Cali (to Cali, to Cali…going back to Cali) land of the avocado, wine and perpetual sunshine. Because self-care and growing my business are both important and if I can combine them into a fun-filled week long getaway I’m there!


I was scrolling through the gram and came across an ad for The Shootout Society If you’re not familiar with them, The Shootout Society hosts fully stylized photoshoots in California for small groups of photographers, each with a different and unique theme. They collaborate with vendors and models providing over two hours of shooting time. It’s a great opportunity to network, practice posing, build portfolios and boost your marketing.

This year, June 17, they have a killer beach shoot in San Diego – the “Celestial Dusty Grey Inspired Wedding” and the colors and edgy look were AH-MAAAZING! My first instinct was to book right away – they only have 15 tickets available – then I came to myself and did a little research. I asked my sweet friend and photographer Lauren if she knew anything about TSOS. Not only did she highly recommend them but she had gone to last year’s event and was still gushing about it. “Go for it girl!” were her exact words I think… 

Which was pretty much what my BF said when I mentioned it to him, “Do it. Just go for it.” 

He supports anything that will push my dreams further, and he’s the first one to speak positively when I’m down on myself. Ladies find you a man who will support your dreams and chase them along with you! He just purchased his first ever DSLR camera, the Canon 5D Mark IV so he can learn photography and work along with me. 

So fast forward a few months and here we are – one week from my first ever stylized shoot in San Diego. 

We are leaving Pennsylvania for California! I. AM. PUMPED. 

We ordered new camera bags, mine lasted for about 5- 6 years before the zipper gave out - no bueno– and planned a list of places to see and photograph. BF has been binge-watching YouTube photography tutorials and reading digital photography magazines. We made sure to maximize our time to include vacation days around our marketing and photography opportunities. 


We’re still talking about traveling to New York/Connecticut in early August and will probably take a few weekend trips. If you have any fun plans this summer I’d love to hear them. We’re always looking for new places to visit so if you have any ideas drop me a message in the comments below.

And if you’re in the San Diego area make sure you say hola! Don’t mind us we’ll be “shooting” our way through Cali. Feel free to follow my adventures on instagram. Click the link below or find me at @ericawhitingphoto

Lets be friends:)