Vegas Baby...Doing it MY way

I just came back from Las Vegas. I know what you're thinking... Sin City, gambling, adult playground right? Not for me! I did Vegas MY way. I don't gamble (I don't like losing my money LOL) I went for the entertainment (and photo ops of course!) and Vegas didn't disappoint. Right on the strip we saw singers, snakes, performers, a few "female officers" (that weren't exactly regulation...) and even a wedding. Vegas Baby. ONLY in Vegas. 

DT Vegas-3.jpg

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is people. I love capturing personalities like messages in a bottle. Who are they? What's their story? Where are they going? Questions suspended for a moment as their image is frozen in front of my camera. 

DT Vegas-7.jpg

For a small donation I could have had this reptilian beauty wrapped around my neck. Ummm no thanks. But can I just take your photo? There were a lot of characters on the strip with gimmicks like this asking for donations for money.
Traveler's Tip: Keep your distance, and be careful when talking to strangers. Don't flash your money or credit cards on the street.

DT Vegas-6.jpg
DT Vegas-12.jpg

Outside the Mandalay Bay Resort we stumbled across this lovely couple in the middle of their photo shoot. I couldn't resist capturing this sweet moment as we were passing through. 

DT Vegas 14.jpg

People's reactions are always different, Some people pose boldly for me. Others are shy, and some I capture like an observer from afar. 

I LOVE these real, authentic moments. Life as it happens. No script, no posing. Natural light. Just real people doing their THANG! Because being yourself is AWESOME. Whatever you do.. do it YOUR way!