Project Erie Entrepreneur: McGreevey Cake Co.

Matthew's Story

If you haven't tried something sweet from Mcgreevey Cake Co you're missing out! Mcgreevey Cake's look big city but they're all local. Matthew John McGreevey's hand-crafted gourmet cupcakes and cake pop's have exploded on the Erie food scene. They are one of a kind and personalized to fit you. Being creative means something different for all of us, and for Matthew that meant baking.

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Mcgreevey Cake's look big city but they're all local.

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I met up with Matthew at his studio downtown on a windy Sunday. He pulled up and met me in front of the Renaissance Building and smiled. Matthew is ALWAYS smiling. He is probably one of the happiest people I know. We popped up to the studio and chatted away like old friends. Just like any artist he clicked on his playlist and we got to work. When I suggested I wanted to smear frosting on his face for some photos, there was NO hesitation. He just said, "Let's do it." And then we kept going for GOLD. 

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Mathew has been creating cakes since he was a child. Knowing he wanted to run and own a business he decided to turn that passion into a bakery. But his success didn't happen overnight (does anybody's?) Matthew played around with a few different business models, until one day he made a smash cake for a friend. She suggested he try turning that into a business and see if he could monetize his beautiful creations. So he gathered photos of his work and late one night he uploaded his vision onto facebook and we LOVED him. 

But it didn't stop there. He pounded the pavement, handed out business cards, talked to business owners, traded services and provided free services at times. It was hard work. But he never gave up. And slowly the calls came in. He signed a lease for a small studio space while his wife Brittany spent a year in military training. He admits it gave him the time to focus on his business and is proud to show her what he's accomplished while she was away. 

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Over the past year Matthew has built a small bakery empire through word of mouth and a smart social media platform and he has partnered with other Erie local businesses like Juice Jar, Pressed, Pop Luck and Tipsy Bean.  Currently he's working on the Mcgreevey Cake Co YouTube channel with DIY tutorials. You can subscribe here Mcgreevey Cake Co Youtube

We need more of THIS. People who are INSPIRED, who LOVE what they do and a community who SUPPORT them. This is Matthew's story. What's yours? #whatsyourstory #createdtobecreative #purposedrivenlife

A variety of McGreevey Cake Co. treats can be purchased at Franco's Cafe and Courthouse Cafe by Lisa in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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