Let Them Eat Cake!

I met her mother CaraLee when she was eight years old over pizza and bowling. I nick-named her Diva because even then she always knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. We strung cranberries and popcorn on a homemade Christmas Tree; and I still hang the ornaments she and her sister made me on my tree every year. I watched her grow up from a sassy brassy little girl into a beautiful strong mama. Now CaraLee has two daughters of her own and I'm honored she asked me to capture their story.

CaraLee & Teagan-7.jpg

Hard-working, full-time mother of two girls CaraLee wanted to give this photo session to herself as a Mother's Day gift. And why not? We work hard, we deserve it! We started chatting in September. She still knew exactly what she wanted. But life gets busy. Months passed, but CaraLee knew she wanted to do this. So after messaging back and forth looking for just the RIGHT location, we finally set a date in April at the AH-mazing McGreevey Cake Co. (seriously if you haven't tried his cakes you should!) Matt graciously opened his doors to us (literally) and I had a little surprise waiting for these three beautiful girls.

CaraLee & Teagan-14.jpg

In toddled Miss T. with all the sass, and just like her mama she knew exactly what she wanted:)

CaraLee & Teagan-21.jpg

Did someone say Starbucks?

CaraLee & Teagan-18.jpg
CaraLee & Teagan-43.jpg

Teagan gleefully wandered around the shop while I got introduced to Miss H! 

CaraLee & Teagan-163.jpg
CaraLee & Teagan-186.jpg
CaraLee & Teagan-189.jpg

After the introductions we let Teagan have the run of the place! (Don't worry Matt - we cleaned up after) Ever wondered what it'd be like to play in a bakery? We gave her some flour which she delicately sprinkled on the floor.... looking at us like "Mom are you sure about this?"

"Okay, let's do this!" 

CaraLee & Teagan-78.jpg
CaraLee & Teagan-90.jpg

The sass is strong with this one... 

Pro Tip: Frosting can be used as hair product. 

Matthew McGreevey didn't disappoint, as we pulled out a mini cake specially ordered to match the Teagan's outfit. Sometimes you just have to let them eat cake! 

CaraLee & Teagan-119.jpg
CaraLee & Teagan-141.jpg
CaraLee & Teagan-156.jpg
CaraLee & Teagan-160.jpg

Dear Divas,
Thank you for spending the day with me. I know this was supposed to be a gift for yourself, a way to capture memories to cherish forever. But to be able to do this for you was the best gift you could have given me! You're gonna do great things, and you are all beautiful, strong and one of a kind!

Special thank you: to Matthew McGreevey of McGreevey Cake Co. for allowing us to use his bakery for this special photo session, and for customizing his amazing almond flavored mini cake and cake pops as my special gift. YOU ROCK!

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